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This overview is made on behalf of the Women's United States Basketball Association (WUSBA). As of April 20, 2020, the Women’s United States Basketball Association (WUSBA) has officially ceased planning to activate twelve teams to play a full summer schedule for the summer of 2020, additionally the WUSBA has placed a hold on the 2020 WUSBA EUROPEAN INVASION. The projected schedule was to have the opening day on June 7, 2020 and it was to end with the WUSBA Championship Festival on the weekend of September 5-7, 2020.  The WUSBA had requested all contacted eligible gymnasiums and locations to accept the purchase game dates and as of January 15, 2020. The WUSBA extended the cutoff date. Due to time constraints and the need to effectively market each team in their respective city, the WUSBA is now officially postponing the WUSBA 2020 Summer Basketball . 

The WUSBA has place a hold on the 2020 WUSBA EUROPEAN INVASION in addition to the 2020 Summer Schedule. There is a great market for American Basketball players on the Continent of Europe. We have been in contact with top teams in the past and because of the interest in playing NCAA Women Basketball Players with the hope of finding a great players or players for their teams, many were very receptive to play a preseason game in hope to find that right player(s) to add to their rooster. Additional information will be forthcoming. 

The WUSBA is a women's professional basketball league. The WUSBA's original structure begins with teams in thirty two cities throughout the United States. The primary goal of the WUSBA is to assist basketball players in an effort to help them play at the top level in professional basketball. The WUSBA six divisions are spread across the United States. The league will maintain three regional offices. The headquarters will be located in Chicago, Illinois. The league consists of the Atlantic Division, the Southeast Division, the Midwest Division, the Southwest Division, the Central Division and the Pacific Divisions. The full compliment of teams are;

The Southeast Division will house the Atlanta Platinum, the Tampa Bay Starz, the Charlotte Blue Wave, the Miami Storm, the Columbia Breeze and the Nashville Crusaders.

The Southwest Division will field the San Antonio Stingers, the Dallas Dynasty, the Houston Galaxy, the Phoenix Swarm, the Utah Summit and the New Mexico Flash.

The Atlantic Division will consist of the Baltimore Belle, the Boston Colonials, the New York Blizzard, the Philadelphia Legend and the Washington Congressional 

The Midwest Division is comprised of the Minnesota River Hawks, the St. Louis Silver, the Denver Capitals, the New Orleans Pzazz, and the Kansas City Blaze 

The Central Division will send to court the Chicago Cagerz, the Cincinnati Raging River, the Indiana Royal, the Pittsburgh Privateers, and the Milwaukee Reign  

The Pacific Division will offer the Los Angeles Classic, the Portland Express, the San Diego Surf, the San Francisco Bay Hawks and the Seattle Emerald.

The complete 2020 schedule will become available to the public on March 1, 2020.

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