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WUSBA Update On The Creation of Our League  for 2024 and beyond

Chicago, Illinois. (June 1, 2024) ------The Women’s United States Basketball Association (WUSBA) placed their plans on hold on all operations leading to the opening basketball season. The league previously committed to send four teams consisting of ten players on each team to participate in the WUSBA European Invasion and to produce a 32 team full basketball season schedule. The projected schedule for all events is being evaluated and reviewed for continuation. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) protocols Social Distancing, Mask, Sanitation and Limited Live Audience are being completely obeyed  We are continuing to monitor the current situation. The World Health Organization's bulletins on the Convid-19 virus epidemic on travel will be closely monitored. Updates will be posted. The risk of continued  community spread is still rampant, however, the spread of the Covid-19 virus is under control in the United States. We will keep the updates coming. The WUSBA obeys all Local, State and Federal laws and mandates. The WUSBA is very close to opening her doors 
for the public at large.

The WUSBA has created 32 franchises in six divisions. “We will put our very best to put our show on the road in a long needed effort to expand the presence of women's professional basketball. Since our beginning we have concentrated on creating regional competition while we  concentrated on the completion our original plans with the “USA Expansion”. "This start will establish our presence in women's professional basketball in the United States".

WUSBA began it attempts to activate an additional women’s professional basketball league in the United States to provide more opportunities for deserving female basketball players. “Since our inception, we have met with many obstacles. The primary challenge we faced is the ability to convince colleges and high schools to commit the contracted rental agreements and to allow us to have a firm schedule at least 120 days prior to season opening, said Jenkins. “Hey, we understand, many of these facilities have summer camps and at the time we needed them to commit to the dates we need, their current clients probably didn’t submit their preferred dates and without gymnasiums, we can’t play basketball. We are now in the process of beginning the formulation of our first season.

Here is the list of teams, locations and their respected names;

The Southeast Division will house the Atlanta Platinum, the Tampa Bay Starz, the Charlotte Blue Wave, the Miami Storm, the Columbia Breeze and the Nashville Crusaders.

The Southwest Division will field the San Antonio Stingers, the Dallas Dynasty, the Houston Galaxy, the Phoenix Swarm, the Utah Summit and the New Mexico Flash.

The Atlantic Division will consist of The Baltimore Belle, the Boston Colonials, the New York Blizzard, the Philadelphia Legend and the Washington Congressional  

The Midwest Division is comprised of the Minnesota River Hawks, the St. Louis Silver, the Denver Capitals, the New Orleans Pzazz, and the Kansas City Blaze 

The Central Division send to court the Chicago Cagerz, the Cincinnati Raging River, the Indiana Royal, the Pittsburgh Privateers, and the Milwaukee Reign 

The Pacific Division will offer the Los Angeles Classic, the Portland Express, the San Diego Surf, the San Francisco Bay Hawks and the Seattle Emerald.

The WUSBA and the United States Amateur Athletic Association (USAAA) have created the “Community Partnership Package” for each city. This exclusive program is available free of charge to all local schools and community programs. This endeavor will support these groups with much needed funding in an effort to financially assist their programs.

The WUSBA Directors and Staff members will govern the league and on all teams of the league. Market stability and community participation are two of the many bricks in the foundation of the WUSBA. The WUSBA will work closely with all team communities to assist the community in the resurrection of good solid principals in our youth. Education is the foundation and a significant instrument in the success of our young people. 

The WUSBA will use NCAA rules and regulations. 

The WUSBA has a zero tolerance in regards to the behavior of WUSBA players and coaches. All coaches, players and dance team personal will be required to participate in the community programs of the United States Amateur Athletic Association.

Any player or coach that is arrested or charged with any crime, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, will be immediately suspended from the team and their contract will be voided. If a team member is found innocent or the charges are dismissed, the WUSBA reserves the right to reinstate the team member. The conditions of their employment with the WUSBA, players, coaches, dance team members, and anyone else under contract with a WUSBA team will subjugated to a background check and an alcohol and controlled substance screening at the request of the WUSBA. The WUSBA and its teams will set a positive example to the citizens and the youth in the community. All players will be directed to return to college and complete their education. The WUSBA is committed to assist its players to reach the next level. We will firmly emphasize the return of the player to fulfill his educational obligations to himself, his family and his community. 

The WUSBA has researched this endeavor thoroughly and has come to conclusion that our format will be successful. The demographics of each WUSBA territory have the ingredients to support a WUSBA team. The WUSBA will offer equal employment opportunities to the students of the university and citizens in the community. Try outs for players, auditions for dance team personnel and game day staff will be conducted in each city as to allow team members to be selected from the local community. 

The Women's United States Basketball Association has a national presence. The league expansion, with six divisions housing 32 basketball teams throughout the United States The league will begin with twelve teams in a  Summer Basketball Schedule. The WUSBA emphasizes regional competition. All teams in their respective division will be no more than three hours flying time from each other, most are less than three hours from each other, and some of our teams are as close as 3 1/2 hours from the next and in this case, the teams will be transported to and from games via team commuter buses. We believe a strong local economy, vibrant sports environment and regional competition, coupled with a strong relationship with the domestic basketball community and the international community will give the WUSBA the best recipe for success and we will make our league the pride of your community.

This review is given to provide information about the WUSBA. This new league is a great source to provide basketball players an opportunity to advance and play on the top level. There are thousands of basketball players who graduate each year and would enjoy an opportunity to continue to play basketball while they continue their career goals. “We hope your review this information satisfies the question you may have of the intent of the WUSBA” said Jenkins.

This new league is a great source to provide aspiring basketball players an opportunity to continue their careers while serving the community. 

“We invite you to join us and “Let’s play some basketball”.

Duane Allen Jenkins
Women's United States Basketball Association
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